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Space is extremely limited in this year's program. All participants must have either a fitness or dance background, be Group Fitness instructor or Personal Trainer. Soiree offers First Aid and CPR certification to all participants, as well as sponsors for AFAA Primary Group Certification at Soiree once a year for your added convenience. Please check Soiree schedule and AFAA for details.

Lizz will only be certifying 10 instructors a year, so please reserve your spot, as some have all ready been taken. There are three levels of practical testing; Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced. You may certify all at once, or one level at a time.

Next Orientation to be June 9th, 2012 at 12:00p.m..

Beginner CPFI: $1500.00
Intermediate CPFI: $1000.00
Advanced CPFI: $1000.00
Total for all three Levels of Certification: $3,500.00

Core Pole CPFI: $1000.00

Additional Courses

* Soiree For One/Chair dancing- 4 hour workshop (CEC's pending)
* Pole Safety and spotting - 4 hour workshop (CEC's pending)
* Core Pole - 4 hour (CEC's pending)
* Pole Parties- 4 hour (CEC's pending)
* Intermediate/Advanced Inversions - 4 hour (CEC's pending)
* Spinning Pole Movement - 4 hour workshop (CEC's pending)

All participants local, or remote must be able to test out of each level. To ensure that you can get the very best practical education in Pole Fitness, we offer 30 days unlimited access to our Studio before and /or after each level certification. You are given this unlimited access to us, and our Studio so you may get as much as you may want to get out of your Certification while at Soiree.

Certification Process

To finalize your certification all participants will be required to take a practical exam, and submit their written class format with correct PFA terms, and present to Soiree Certification Instructor. These exams are taken on the last Thursday of the Month, and are offered in a live environment, but we can also review approved and submitted video for your convenience. Please contact Soiree for further details. Studio Soiree will provide you with your final testing results within 30 days of your testing date. We will also include areas of improvement and development with your final score. Soiree certificants must have valid, up to date certification. All credits from any reputable fitness or pole dancing organization will be recognized; including but not limited to AFAA, ACE, ACSM, etc.

Agenda for Practical Orientation

* Pole Fitness Safety
* Injury Prevention
* Pole Fitness Theory
* Teaching Skills
* Psychology of Pole
* Class Structure
* Pole Tricks
* Choreography, Floor work, Transitions & Techniques


* 100 practical hours of Pole Fitness class experience. Recognized on a collegiate level for superior practical Instruction
* Pole Fitness Association Membership
* CPR/First Aid certification
* Petitionable Credits for Other Fitness Certification Organization *Be a Become Pole Fitness Instructor Certified (PFIC) Internationally recognized

Materials Included
* Agenda
* Outline
* Pole Fitness Training Manual
* Pole Fitness Reference Guide
* Lecture notes
* 3 Levels of Pole Fitness
* 5 class formats

1. Welcome and review of the Days Activity.
2. Pole Fitness Theory/Review.
3. Lecture on Level moves
4. Practical on Level moves
5. Lecture: Class/Teaching Skills.
6. Practical: Class/Teaching Skills.
7. Lecture: Anatomy, Physiology, Kinesiology, Safety, Spotting, and Injury Prevention.
8. Discussion: Programming and Class Formats
9. Verbal Review
10. Question and answer
11. 1 hour Pole Fit Master review

Finalizing Pole Fitness Instructor Certified (PFIC)

To finalize your certification you will be required to pass a written and practical exam. You can finish this live or have a video sent to me.

Visiting Certificants

Soiree is in the heart of Salt Lake City, Utah. If flying in for certification, you will be flying into Salt Lake International Airport. Please contact us about travel and lodging needs. We have many affordable options for you, and recommendations for lodging and airfare, so please let us know your plans, we are only too happy to help you. This is a wonderful urban area good for walking, shopping, dining, coffee shops, and going out. Our Studio is smack dab in the middle of all of it so plan on enjoying the city too;)

All Certification participants coming from out of town are given access to our Studio and have the option to arrive in SLC prior to Certification and attend classes. You may also participate in Certification after review and study of manual, and come to Soiree for a 7-10 day program if you have a minimum of 90 days of Pole Training.

Although Soiree is now a fully private pole fitness facility, we offer open pole to all our previous and current clients. Open Pole is DONATION ONLY. Call and reserve your spot today!

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